A computer and phone showing a nice looking website scrolling.
Lightbulb Web Services in Spokane, WA can deliver on your design project needs. We work primarily on coded websites because they perform so well and are complete customizable. For smaller projects, we use as a simple website builder with content management system. In addition to web-design there are host of related design services that use the same skillsets as web-design, so we offer those too. Those include graphic design, video editing, photography, and print drop shipping.
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Some HTML and JavaScript code with a flashing cursor.
From complex CRMs, simple referral tracking apps, work-order ticketing tools, messaging services, or content management systems, Lightbulb Web Services can build you a web-app that will do what you need. Not only will our web-app do exactly what you need, it will be beautiful and a pleasure to use. In addition, we utilize development techniques in our web-design services. Providing powerful API integrations with services such as Google® My Business Reviews, map services, Acuity® scheduling, Facebook®, blogs, and more. We can also develop custom eCommerce and lead generation solutions for our clients.
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Processes drawn out and organized into segments with a green highlighter.
Is your business experiencing a bottleneck? Are you spending too much time on processing, scheduling, and fulfillment? Does training staff feel like a new project every time? Your business needs systems! A business system is simply taking a business process and organizing it into repeateable and predictable steps. Many systems are simply writing down a checklist, other require more powerful tools like web-apps. Lightbulb Web Services excels at web-apps and can recommend, setup, train, manage, or operate pretty much any cloud based software suite on the market, including Slack, Zapier, Acuity, Zoom, Google Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Adobe PDF, and more.
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